GCSE Crime & Punishment

For students and teachers studying crime & punishment at GCSE History.


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Welcome to GCSE Crime, Punishment & Protest. This is a new site for teachers and students of Jordans, studying the crime & punishment option.

You will find a variety of resources available to you, which will slowly but surely grow, stick with us! In the content section you will find a series of pages examining different aspects of crime & punishment through the ages. Who were the criminals and what was considered a crime? How was the law enforced? If guilty, how were people punished at different points in history?

We also intend to add resources for teachers of crime & punishment and would like YOU to share your ideas/experiences. If you are a teacher of c&p I am sure you are aware of the heavy bias towards medicine, hopefully we can go someway to restore the equilibrium.

So, have fun using the Rank tracker and if you have any queries, please drop a line using the contacts page.

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